Nutrovally Herbal Green Tea For Weight Loss And Build Immunity Lemon Herbal Infusion Tea Bags (25)

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Nutrovally brings you Lemon herbal green tea is a refreshing beverage. is really good for your health. take a sip of green tea and feel fresh for rest of your day. herbs, fruits, and spices. Green tea offers a multitude of health benefits, some of which are particularly beneficial for those with diabetes. herbal green tea to promote good health & helps improve immunity.

Benefits To Drink Herbal Green Tea:

  1. Increases fat burning
  2. Antioxidants may lower the risk of some cancers
  3. May protect the brain from aging
  4. May help prevent cardiovascular disease
  5. May help in healthy digestion, boost immunity , metabolism, detoxification.
  6. Improve brain function.
  7.  Improve blood flow and lower cholesterol
  8. Melt away the unhealthy belly fat effectively
  9.  Herbal teas may help with weight reduction and fat loss
  10. Shields your body against infections.

 How To Consume Herbal Green Tea:

  • You can pour 1 tea bag in 200 ml water. Steep for at least 2 to 3 minutes or until you get the desired taste & color. your tea is ready for drink
  • Daily consumption with regular exercise can may help promote weight loss by increasing your metabolism and blocking fat absorption
  • Drinking between 2 and 3 cups of the day hot green tea should be sufficient for weight loss
  • Without milk & sugar


  • Green Tea : 0.59g, Black Pepper : 0.18g, Stevia Glycoside : 0.15g, Lemon Sale : 0.12g, Gudmar : 0.11g, Jamun Seeds : 0.08g, Tulsi : 0.07g, Amrita : 0.06g, Pippali : 0.06g, Fenugreek : 0.06g, Sanay Patti : 0.06g, Ajwain/Carum Seeds : 0.05g, Cumin : 0.05g, Ginger : 0.04g, Amla : 0.04g, Bahera : 0.04g, Harad :0.04g, Ajmoda : 0.04g



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14 reviews for Nutrovally Herbal Green Tea For Weight Loss And Build Immunity Lemon Herbal Infusion Tea Bags (25)

  1. Anima Moi

    Excellent 👌 great test 👍

  2. Shivam Sharma

    Very tasty and healthy too

  3. sumit sahani

    Not as expected but it’s good for health so i am okay with it.

  4. praveen rastogi

    in this price range good product👍 NuTroVally…

  5. Sameer Azmi

    Good in taste thanks


    Nice product 😊 good quality tea !

  7. Jiban Mutuka

    Amazing taste smell is very good 👌👌i like it

  8. Anshuman kumar

    It is absolutely mind blowing. Loved the taste and yes, regular use is resulting in a little weight loss as well.

  9. Reshma rehmaan

    Quite healthier and better than the red tea we drink in the early morning. Also has a number of benefits less calories and boosts metabolism. Good for a healthy start👍

  10. meghna verma


  11. Chanchal Rashmika

    Geen tea are very good for health, today’s pollution level are very high so we need high antioxidant which clean our bodies so there green tea is work very well…

  12. Pintu Kambliya

    True product i like it very much. Good packing

  13. Virender Kumar

    Nice 👍😊 taste 😋😊

  14. Raj Malohtra

    very nice and good for weight loss

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